Deep Genetic Signatures

Find the set of biomarkers that collectively predict treatment outcome for cancer patients

Matching Therapeutics to Cancer Patients™

Personalizing Precision Medicine Using Deep Genetic Signatures™

Poor Response Predicted

This Prostate Cancer Patient is predicted to have a Poor Response to this Treatment

Good Response Predicted

This Prostate Cancer Patient is predicted to have a Good Response to this Treatment

Top Signatures for Poor Reponder Cohort

Deep Genetic Signatures™ for Prostate Cancer Patients most like my patient – a poor response cohort for this drug

Top Signatures for Good Reponder Cohort

Deep Genetic Signatures™ for Prostate Cancer Patients most like my patient – a good response cohort for this drug


Clinical Trials

Identify and apply predictive genetic biomarkers for retrospective studies and adaptive trials.


Cancer Genomics Research

Tumor characterization and genetic target profiling of drug leads


Biomarker Discovery

Identify ALL the genetic biomarkers associated with drug response (WT & Mut) and validate diagnostic signatures.


Drug Development

Confirm genetic on-target activity, identify genes involved in drug response, and identify other cancer targets for drugs

The Future of Cancer is Data.  The Future of Cancer Data is MatchTx™


MatchTx has developed an automated, extensible, and assumption-free approach to predicting outcomes in cancer patients and matching patients to drugs/oncology clinical trials based on genomic, clinical, and outcomes data in cohorts. This approach was needed because whole genome sequencing and analysis has failed to identify general methods for translating sets of genetic variations into robust clinically actionable diagnostics. Because of statistical limitations on interpreting heterogeneous diseases with millions of combinations of sequence variants across tumor genomes, MatchTx introduced an alternative approach that combines clinicogenomic features with outcomes data to match patients to most similar patient cohorts in clinical reference data sets. The MatchTx platform has been successfully piloted in a number of rare cancers.


Partner with us to make the most of your data

The MatchTx product is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that enables our clients and partners to upload their own clinical and genomic dats sets privately, augment their results with our enhanced public data sets, and dynamically get best matched therapeutic recommendations for new patients (or clinical trials candidates) based on their similarity to reference patients based on clinical, genetic, and outcomes data – including our Deep Genetic Signatures™ specific to each cancer type.

Other predictive analytics methods for cancer fail when there are very large numbers of clinical and genetic data points impacting drug response, and most ignore mutations of unknown significance. Our algorithms go deeper to help you match your patients to the right therapeutics and clinlcal trials, or to facilitate development or re-positioning of oncology drugs with precision targeting.


Designed for Physicians

Easy to use. View and Explore simple charts and tables from any web browser on any device.


Secure and Private

Clients’ data sets are secured and accessible only to their authorized users. No PHI is uploaded to your MatchTx repositories.


Meeting Needs

MatchTx gives physicians, researchers and clinical trials managers the tool they need to analyze large cancer data sets and make informed predictions about patients and biomarkers.



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