MatchTx is the first to market with a purpose built personalized medicine data solution that functions where there are more data points than subjects (other predictive analytics methods for cancer fail when there are very large numbers of clinical and genetic data points impacting drug response). The product is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that enables clients to upload their own clinical and genomic data sets privately, augment their results with our enhanced public data sets, and dynamically get best matched recommendations for new patients based on their similarity to reference patients based on clinical, genetic, and outcomes data. Expert opinion is that FDA approval is not required to utilize MatchTx for clinical trial, so there are no regulatory barriers to market entry. Furthermore, all patient data are de-identified (no PHI) so HIPAA is not an issue.

Target Markets

MatchTx targets biotech and Pharma companies, academic health centers, clinical CRO’s and biomedical research organizations that are developing and/or testing cancer drugs. For clinical trials, each patient that the MatchTx solution can exclude from a trial based on being a better match to non-responders saves the $26,000 cost of that patient, plus another $100,000 in additional patients needed to bring up the required response rate. Reassigning just 8 patients to other trials can save a Pharma company over $2 Million and minimize adverse events. For certain cancers there are specific marker combinations (cancer type, specific genetic markers) that correlate well to optimal treatment. For many others today, it is a trial and error system that ends poorly for many patients. MatchTx provides an adaptive learning software system that utilizes big biomedical data in a new way to improve outcomes for trials, identify new biomarker patterns for development of personalized medicines, enables repositioning of failed drugs, and will ultimately enable personalized cancer treatment. MatchTx has an addressable target market of 2000 clinical trials and 20,000 R&D projects today.

Business Approach

MatchTx provides its product as Software as a Service (SaaS) on licensed servers behind customers’ firewalls or hosted in the cloud, with add-on professional services fees for data loading. Our model is to close deals and engage clients quickly, grow projects from drug development and clinical research studies to clinical trials, and then expand the number of trials per client using our solution. The MatchTx annual license fee is $25,000 – $50,000 per year per research project, and $50,000 – $100,000 per clinical trial per year (based on trial size). Each project or drug requires a separate fee