MatchTx Solutions and Applications

What we offer

Software, Customization, and Professional Services

Your Own Data

We help you load and pre-analyze the reference data sets

Your patients

Upload and match your own patients against matched reference data sets

One Platform, Multiple Applications

The MatchTx solution was built to utilize our proprietary algorithms for several different objectives and market segments. Each uses our Deep Genetic Signatures™ but is not black box – you get the full report of the large number of biomarker combinations that drive the matches.

For Your Patients

Predict how well the patient will respond to a drug, or which treatment is best, based on characteristics and outcomes of the best matched cohorts.

Clinical Trials

Use early trials data and outcomes to screen out (to other trials) patients predicted to have poor outcomes in your clinical trials, and adapt trials dynamically to get drugs to market faster.

Drug Targeting

Match new or re-positioned oncology drugs to genetically targeted populations to reduce costs and streamline development, screening, and clinical trials.

Biomarker Discovery

Utilize our Deep Genetic Signatures™ to match drug responses and clinical features/outcomes to new sets of genetic mutations or any other molecular diagnostics data.

What they say

When I saw the blinded prediction results after analyzing out first large clinical data set, I was truly amazed. Then when that model was just as accurate at predicting survival for the same cancer type of a completely different data set, I was astounded.

Jeff Spitzner

CEO, MatchTx

The MatchTx method enables finding the patient matches first, with no prior data assumptions or integration issues,and then interpreting the clinical and ‘Omics’ features associated with the outcomes later.

James Chen, MD

Oncologist & ASCO Health Info Chair, Ohio State College of Medicine



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